FHYbalance is an innovative balancing board that allows people of all ages to keep fit and improve their current exercise routine.

We have designed 3 different balancing unit, each with its own unique challenge, so that you can choose the balancing unit that suits you best. Pick your board, and start exercising!

– 470mm x 200mm (Portable and travel-friendly)
– Work out anytime anywhere
– Eco-friendly bamboo, reinforced with 2 layers of glass fiber
– Customisable
– Load / tensile test: able to support up to 200kg/440lbs
– Simple form of exercise even for the elderly
– Full body workout

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“The FHYbalance will change the way you exercise! Compact and customisable, use the FHYbalance to add new dimensions and variations to your daily workout.”

Additional information

FHYbalance set

No Board, Rocky: flat, Tipsy: 10mm dome, Woozy: 20mm dome

Additional Balancing unit (only)

No Balancing unit, Rocky unit: flat, Tipsy unit: 10mm dome, Woozy unit: 20mm dome

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