Foam rolling is the key to allowing yourself to soothe aching muscles after a good workout. With a unique combination of studded and flat surfaces, use FHYSIO’s FHYroller to massage sore muscles, increasing blood and oxygen circulation in your muscles.

FHYrollers are sweat proof and simple to clean, and its portable size and shape make it ideal for travel!

– High-density non-slip EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) foam
– PVC inner lining
– 140mm x 330mm
– Portable and travel-friendly
– Sweat-proof, simple to clean
– Load test: able to support up to 250kg/550lbs
– Studded and flat surfaces allow better deep tissue release
– Promotes flow of blood and oxygen for more healing
– Release restrictions / trigger points
– Flush out built-up toxins
– Promotes relaxation

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Now you can soothe aching muscles after a good workout yourself easily.

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