FHYSIO is about bringing fun and interactive ways of keeping fit to every household and every individual.


We are dedicated to bringing fitness and health to every individual, by designing products that are fun, simple and dynamic to use.

Our Equipments

Our products are ergonomically designed for you to maximise output and reduce inefficiency. Our equipment is tailored towards different body types and conditions so that you can pick what suits you best!

  • Product Innovation 80%
  • Quality Assurance 95%
  • Customer Support 85%
  • Customer Happiness 100%

Bringing Fitness to You

I’ve been working as a Physiotherapist in the healthcare industry for years, and it’s been the most fulfilling experience of my life. In my line of work, I’ve treated patients from all walks of life, from rehabilitating injured athletes, to patients with cardiac and musculoskeletal conditions. I’ve always felt, though, that a lot of the equipment used for strengthening and conditioning were too rigid, and were not easy enough for my patients to use comfortably.

I believe that achieving strength and fitness should be easy, fun and quick. Why spend 2 hours sweating and burning in the gym when you can do it at home in under half an hour? It’s because of this that I’ve started FHYSIO.

FHYSIO is a company that strives to bring fitness to you, just by keeping it simple. Working closely with professionals in the allied health care industries, we’ve developed a range of products that can be tailored to your age and body type, and included a list of different uses and exercises that you can perform at home with them, so that you’ll know how to use our products safely and properly.

Use it at home, bring it to the office, or pack it in your luggage when you travel! Keeping fit should be fun, simple and fast. I hope you enjoy our products, and take your fitness home with you!

~ Founder of FHYSIO


Catch us at these events to learn more about FHYSIO in person! See you there!


FHYSIO Sports Massage Course

Experience and learn sports massages from the best!


10 & 11 MARCH 2018 (Fully registered)

14 & 15 APRIL 2018



8.30am to 5.30pm


Reactiv Gym @ Victory Centre
110 Geylang Lor 23. #07-10, S388410

Fill in the form below to reserve your slots for the course!

FHYSIO is the proud sponsor for Metasprint Series 2018.

Visit our booth and enjoy sales discounts for all FHYSIO products! See you there.


Race day: 11 February 2018,  Sunday



08:00 am – 12:00 nn


Race day: Sentosa

Nearest MRT: Harbour Front Station

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